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Another puzzle with a theme.  Just to be clear, you won’t need to know or spot the theme to complete and/or enjoy the puzzle, but the notes with the solution will explain all.



1             Fiend not against imprisoning soldiers in a small group (6)

4             Top level expert on board (7)

9             Real information supplied by university in Spain (7)

10           Teatime treat – here’s suggestion about damaged pack (7)

11           Indomitable taxmen working (4)

12           Mathematician rigs a table giving wrong outcome? (10)

14           Waters garden around end of winter, lucky thing (9)

15           Tilts dummy ammunition, dropping 50 (5)

17           Expedition’s original idea is to secure source of petroleum (5)

19           Body of water: two holding on as each grabs middle of canoe (6,3)

21           Upsets one bridge team about edition (10)

22           Almost everybody occupies British island – or this one (4)

24           Chap love to go round cape after cape in wind (7)

25           Sentimental muck about a dynasty mainly (7)

26           Fellow jesters disowning one Scottish name (7)

27           Teacher having little time for son – that’s an issue (6)


1             Engage in good trips by plane, not long airborne conflicts (9)

2             Show evidence of heating, opening oven (7)

3             I will have excellent name – this one? (4)

4             French company money is tied up with acetone (7,7)

5             Problem involving jaunty head feature in cartoon animal (6,4)

6             Artist upset over a prohibition involving one from Riyadh? (7)

7             Sporting contest still occurring on time (5)

8             Nurses potentially lavish with others about it (6,8)

13           Peer nicked broadcast from composer (10)

16           Paper shop in commuter hub about to be set up (9)

18           Surround tops of every new villa with metal (7)

20           Attempt to swallow everything vegetable (7)

21           Note amongst a good deal of notes upheld finally (2,3)

23           Island’s developing character supported by American (4)

PDF of puzzle

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