Independent 7721 solution

Ah, the joys of queuing for the new Harry Potter release – midnight in an almost-shuttered shopping mall in Walthamstow (while Marjorie was at some branch of Waterstones in central London).  Except by the time this one came out, we were in New Zealand and everything was at the much more civilised hour of 1 p.m.


1              OPUS; hidden rev.

4              CHIFFONIER; anag.

9              HERMIONE GRANGER; anag. in her anger

10           ANGLO-IRISH; anag.

12           HEEL; he e,l & lit.

13           KIEV; K i.e. v

15           GENERALIST; gen era list

17           RON WEASLEY; anag.

19           GASH; gas H

20           WHIP; w hip

22           ECOTOURIST; Co. to Ur in anag.

24           TRANSPOSITIONAL; pos(t) in transitional

26           YESTERYEAR; yes + rye in tear

27           TIER; tie r


2              PAEAN; a,a in pen

3              SIMPLE VOW; anag.

4              CLOSING DATE; losing in CD + at e

5              IBERIAN; I + ire (rev.) in ban

6              FOR; of (rev.) + r

7              NINTH; hidden

8              ELEVENSES; even in else s

11           HARRY POTTER; harry p otter

14           IRON HORSE; I r on + r in hose

16           LAGER LOUT; lag er l out

18           LOOK-SEE; OK in lose E

21           PINOT; to nip (rev.)

23           SNAPE; snap! E

25           PAR; pa(I)r

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