Independent 7835 solution

Here’s the solution to the puzzle, and also a pdf of my commentary on the clue-writing process.



1          POLICE STATION; e in anag. & lit.

8          TWIG; w in tig

9          CINDER-PATH; ‘sin’ + r,p in death

10        AGATHA; gat in aha!

12        INDUSTRY; in dus(k) try

13        LEAPFROG; F in a pro in leg

15        SMOOTH; moot in sh!

16        ASSAYS; say in ass

18        EUROSTAR; anag. + ar(e)

20        APPETITE; ap petite

21        SETTLE; L in sette(r)

23        DISINHERIT; d is in her it

24        ARCH; 2 mngs.

26        THE GRIM REAPER; anag.


1          PEW; p(H)ew

2          LIGHT; (F)light

3          CO-CHAIR; coc(k) hair


5          AGENDAS; end in Agas

6          IMPOSTORS; post in I Mors(e)

7          NATURE TRAIL; anag.

11        GREASEPAINT; g r ease pain t

14        PEACETIME; ace in pet I’m e

17        SLITHER; slit her

19        ROSETTE; set in rote

22        TRAMP; mart (rev.) + p

25        CAR; car(e)


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