Independent 8159 solution

Every row contains one cat-related answer.  Admittedly, ASPARAGUS is a bit of a stretch, but it is the full name of T S Eliot’s Gus the Theatre Cat.  There was some debate on fifteensquared as to the inclusion of SPHINX, but the term of art SPHYNX might have gone down even less well.  Gus got off relatively lightly by comparison…


1              PREFAB; ref a in Pb

5              FELINE; Fe line

8              ASPARAGUS; a spa + sugar (rev.)

9              GRIEG; gri(p) e.g.

11           MANX; n in max

12           HELL’S ANGEL; anag. in hen + gel

13           UNDULATE; undu(e) late

15           OUNCE; (b)ounce

17           PILAF; L in Piaf

19           CHESHIRE; ches(s) hire

22           ABYSSINIAN; abyss In(D)ian

23           STAG; stag(e)

25           EDIFY ; FIDE (rev.) + y

26           MARMALADE; malad(y) in mare

27           DELETE; let in dee(d)

28           SPHINX; h in spin + x


2              RIPENED; I pen in red

3              FORK; f or k

4              BAGUETTE; gue(s)t in anag.

5              FUSELI; fuse L I

6              LOG-CANOES; log C + anag.

7              NAIL GUN; ail g in nun

8              ARMOUR PLATE; anag. & lit.

10           GOLDEN EAGLE; anag.

14           LIFESTYLE; fe(I)sty L in lie

16           THEATRES; the a(c)tres(s)

18           LEY LINE; lin(k) in l eye

20           IN TRAIN; trai(l) in inn

21           ANOMIE; I in a Nome

24           WASH; w ash

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