Independent 8248




1             Radiohead song, live, not using second microphone, enthralling us (4,5)

6             Guy swallowing litre of vital liquid (5)

9             Blue note keeping daughter in chair (5)

10           Simple singing recalled in surrounds of Russian lake, mostly with this? (9)

11           Don’t leave Norway, with daggers flying round? That’s a wonder (7,7)

12           Man’s extra fiction tails off (6)

13           Benediction principally applied to soul? Yes, possibly (5,3)

16           Being uncooked mostly ruins vegetables (8)

18           Brings lawsuits involving University (6)

21           Card game: naval version of poker? (5,4,5)

24           Elaborate remnant of fire including pole with one embedded (9)

25           Finish parody after leader’s deposed (3,2)

26           Gallery benefactor securing second choice (5)

27           Nasty story penned by animal killer (9)


1             Bridge player’s worry about Spades (4)

2             Mardi Gras song, popular, and dire in other arrangement (6,3)

3             Fellow having a month up in capital (7)

4             Baron I found probing reasoning of Italian tribe (6)

5             Roman emperor to summon one about one good opening in Umbria (8)

6             Certain book picked up about the French (European nation) (7)

7             Fruit’s round, as it happens (5)

8             Russian novel loads used in translation (4,5)

12           Feeling upset amidst market confusion (5-4)

14           Beatles song certainly ready for release after a brief time (9)

15           Considered having new assessment, after change of heart (8)

17           Presume drink leads to attitude (7)

19           Friend, in character mostly an enthusiast (7)

20           Sounds of bagpipes showing Scottish author supporting runner (6)

22           Provides arguments against timeless puzzle (5)

23           Last to be knocked out in free fight (4)

PDF of puzzle

(NB unusually this PDF includes a solution grid; there is a spoiler alert, but don’t scroll down too far)

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