1992 Independent Easter Jumbo solution

You will certainly observe some less-than-usual words (one might imagine that a Nilotic pea-crab apricates regularly…).  The ‘Quick’ version had rather fewer such entries – my approach was to fill two grids, and carefully look through the answers.  The grid with fewer unusual words would become the ‘Quick’ puzzle – this is because, as noted on another page, cryptic clues actually contain additional help in the form of their wordplay components.  It thus felt safer to have obscurer words in the cryptic puzzle where solvers got two indications.  I wasn’t averse to the occasional odd word in a Jumbo – they did appear at times when you could expect solvers to have more time and want a more substantial challenge.



14           ERATO; E + anag. + 0

15           RADICAL; C in radial

16           WELL-THOUGHT-OF; well though tof(f)

18           EXEMPTS; ex E MP + St (rev.)

19           ROLLING; 2 mngs.

20           BRING; n in brig

21           TONAL; hidden

22           IMBUE; I’m b u(s)e

23           COLONY; colon y

24           SWERVE; w in serve

25           THERETO; the ret O

27           ART DECO; anag. + Co.

28           ELECTORAL; E L + anag. + oral

29           OVERSLEEP; overs ‘leap’

32           DISINTEGRATOR; anag. + r

34           SWANK; swan k

36           EXPRESS; ex press

38           HEPPLEWHITE; anag. + t(h)e

41           APRICATES; anag.

44           ORIBI; I Biro (all rev.)

45           DRAFT; 2 mngs.

46           DISMISSAL; I SS in dismal

47           ORIENTATION; i.e. n(o)t in oration

48           EARACHE; RA in each e

49           EASEL; hidden

51           X MARKS THE SPOT;

54           BOBBIN-NET; inn in bob bet

56           DEPENDANT; end an in dept.

57           MACRAMI; Ma cram I

59           UNBOSOM; anag. in um

62           ACCEDE; ‘axe seed’

63           BUTTER; 2 mngs.

65           CHEAT; i.e. Ch. eat

67           SOLAR; so LA r

68           FROWN; Fr. + anag.

69           PRESUME; anag. + e

70           PLAY-PEN; play + pen

71           AN EYE FOR AN EYE;

72           RABBONI; bb in anag.

73           OKAPI; OK a pi

74           BEETHOVEN’S PASTORAL SYMPHONY; past oral in anag. + phony


1             THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA; other Independent crossword setters

2             EXACERBATES; ex-ace + b in rates

3             ECOSPHERE; anag. + here

4             TERPSICHORE; anag. + chore

5             FEDERAL; fed + anag.


7             PULPIT; pulp it

8             SEWAGE WORKS; anag.

9             ILLIBERAL; hidden rev.

10           LATTICE-WORK;

11           WROUGHT; w R ought

12           REGATHERS; anag. + hers

13           DÉTENTE; tent in dee (=D)


26           STAR WARS; raw rats (all rev.) + s

28           EARWIGS; anag. + wigs

30           EMERSON; anag.

31           EMERITI; Emer(son) it I

33           NILOTIC; nil otic

35           AS COOL AS A CUCUMBER; anag.

37           PROBATE; pro bat E

39           PEA-CRAB; a c in per AB

40           WIDGEON; W + anag.

42           RELAXANT; re lax ant

43           THICKET; hick e in TT

49           EXTRAPOLATE; ex trap 0 late

50           LEPIDOPTERA; anag. – r

52           TIMBROPHILY; m in orbit (rev.) + ‘filly’

53           PLAYER-PIANO; p lay + anag.

55           INSURGENT; ins urgent

56           DECANTERS; can’t in deer s

58           COCK-A-HOOP; cock a hoop

60           BELIEVE; be + I in leve(l)

61           MAFIOSO; O if a m (all rev.) + so

64           TREFOIL; ref in toil

66           FERRET; er in fret

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