Christmas Special 2018


2              Question sound made by semi-vowel? (3)

3              “River popular with European” encompasses such, ultimately (5)

5              Excellent place to see pictures or film (7)

6              Fish – fellow has one carried by platters (5,4)

8              One set I term unknown in a beautiful way (11)

9              Runs into Santa vainly flying north of part of Romania (13)

11           A fresh zone just reorganised to accommodate a religious leader (5,2,8)


1              Mild anarchists, in revolution, seizing second one of several locations (9,6)

3              Return, being about to study subsequent religious event? (12)

4              Additional US states are hosting Kiwi spectacular (12)

6              Combative theatrical family initially used in collection of images (8)

7              One coming in to join variable army (8)

9              Support of course required to hold base of another item of Christmas decor (4)

10           Crackers astonish, on reflection (4)

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