The seven unclued answers can be grouped into three titles (one missing its definite article) with something in common.   21 clues each yield an extra letter in wordplay that is not entered in the grid.  In clue order these letters spell three associated names.  Solvers should highlight the normally clued solvers.  One answer is an abbreviation.


1          Base in California encountering destructive force (6)

4          Less familiar soprano in G&S: an attractive woman (7)

9          Recall of nuts leads to inclination to have barley dishes (7)

12        Man’s soul lying amongst pensioners? (8)

15        Spread in gravitational acceleration applied to planet (4)

17        Nesting site recalled in European country area (5)

19        Boggy ground not entirely shut out (3)

20        Comment again: “New paint job’s missed one end of motor” (5)

21        Our Paris trips revealing wild activities (7)

22        Almost the most I’d give to be bewitching (4)

24        Point right, indicating row (4)

26        Duke, frozen, importing a type of fuel (8)

28        Sun on water – that is little light for Inverness (7)

30        Carpentry tool looks bad bound in string (7, 2 words)

31        Items about programme having wild sex in it (6)


1          Singers not entirely vital to singing (5)

2          Unexciting note about 500 agency workers (5)

3          Modern art centre, excellent one, on the rise (3)

5          University lecturer brought in gold coins displaying wealth (8)

6          Dead hot? Swoon no longer (4)

7          Article found at bottom of back bones (6)

8          Long, rough, coarse and keen to participate in attempt (6)

10        Snake swallowing man’s tea (5)

11        Virginia is to cry up Hindu (6)

13        Foreign men’s mistake when collared by woman (6)

14        Give edge to worker when sacking’s involved (8)

16        Nut-tree? Expert hurried up (5)

17        Corporation investing in gold beginning to note fall (6)

18        Rising energy, nothing more, found in each lot of parasites? (6)

22        American inventor increasingly importing sulphur (5)

23        What does for scalds locally? Periods in bed (5)

25        Runs a mostly bad transport system (4)

27        Fool throttling one hero (4)

29        Young fellow, famous sidekick, nothing less (3)

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