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The European was a newspaper published for the European Community between 1990 and 1998.  I set puzzles for it in 1990 and 1991.  I can’t now remember much about it, and it’s another where I have no idea regarding the copyright situation.  The language of the paper was English, but it was directed at all the countries then in the Community.  The concept of a cryptic crossword in such a newspaper might seem a little unexpected – the idea was balanced by the fact that the cryptic clues were accompanied by ‘Quick clues’, which were definition only, and to the same answers.  I’m not generally a fan of such ‘two-way’ puzzles – it’s altogether too easy to let your eye drift over to the quick clues when you’re stuck, and then to convince yourself that you really solved it from the cryptic clue (honest…).  But you can see why it was a tempting approach in these circumstances.

Anyway, I did 28 puzzles for The European.  The first one I’m putting up is the second of the 28 – my records tell me that I only provided quick clues on my first appearance (and I’m only providing cryptic clues here).

European Crossword No. 5 (8 June 1990)

European Crossword No. 91 (13 December 1991)

European Crossword No. 46 (22 March 1990)

European Crossword No. 34 (28 December 1990)

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