The European Crossword No. 34

This puzzle dates from the end of 1990, and contains some references to European events, and people active, at that time.  I did amend the first one of these, as it was relatively easy to do so.  The others were more deeply embedded in their clues, which was an interesting thing to note – normally one would get away with slipping in ‘Ex-‘ or ‘former’ or something like that.  In the end I went back to that first clue and restored its contemporary reference – but you have been warned!


1              Component sailor twisted round in rodent exterminator (3-4)

5              French shortened new garments, initially causing annoyance (7)

9              Soldiers consumed by seething revenge that never fades (9)

10           Musical note always black, printed in reverse (5)

11           See some folk coming back for scoff (4)

12           Made dashes in colour to exemplify this artiist? (10)

14           Philosopher’s arrest, after rioting (6)

15           Express disapproval at Tom’s visit (7)

18           Withdraw abstract art etc., right? (7)

19           Choose to carry gold round Iberian harbour? (6)

21           Sliding player ruined trim boots around middle of Final (10)

24           The limit, say, of French backing (4)

26           You’ll see some terrific huggable figures in this cape (5)

27           Container’s a hindrance to artist (9)

28           French city’s member, ignoring Brussels’s lead, goes wrong (7)

29           Some writers pen sermons – this one’s a poet (7)


1              French city man entering boundary areas (6)

2              Forceful insect in ditch? (9)

3              Set up one newly-independent city (4)

4              Havel, say, takes Prague’s premier dwelling (9)

5              Playwright provides information (and in French) (5)

6              To Berlin a demolishing may enshrine one! (10)

7              Caesar’s fateful time, a brief time, that is (2,3)

8              Work unit erected imposing French city (8)

13           Rising cultural activities, food’s on the up – nothing to be added in this city (10)

15           Zebras, say, aggravated in grassland and savannah, primarily (9)

16           Sedation involved swallowing last of potent remedies (9)

17           Giving thanks for speed in Gulf wrangling (8)

20           French artist about to go over his black shade (6)

22           Someone here had a razor – the company got up, arrived with a trim (5)

23           Body parts – noses, ears, chins, knees, shins, heads in particular! (5)

25           College sportsman got the wind up, we hear (4)

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