The European Crossword No. 46


1              Lightweight cover in drapery material used in dangerous sport (4-7)

7              Give knighthood to US pal who’s returned (3)

9              Electricity supply is bad? These help with wind-power! (9)

10           Deter pests, say, using some more pellets (5)

11           Siren twice ending in death, possibly – descriptive of Lorelei? (7)

12           Legendary evil figure inspiring additional fear, we hear (7)

13           Like ripples from dropping stone in cracked container without a small amount going outside (10)

16           What crook may do to avoid imprisonment in notorious prison? Not half (4)

18           Notice damage before end of work (4)

19           Head of Metro is to study Tube crime? (10)

22           Crown? Something very nice, we hear, given to old Prince (7)

23           Boat’s company long to enter competition (7)

25           Pleasant-sounding musical movements (5)

26           Seems pint is drunk – hence glass exhibits this? (9)

27           Spanish car plate has number reversed for a long time (3)

28           I will get involved with a dark Greek philosopher (11)


1              Where one lives (being well-off, mostly) on an epic scale (7)

2              Beak imprisons one causing a racket (5)

3              A bit of glue being stuck on cracked Spode is discussed informally (8)

4              One hard man coming up from Dublin? (5)

5              Wakeful person at home, as madman’s abandoned asylum, initially (9)

6/7         French actor I regarded a prude (mistakenly) (6,9)

8              Animal supplying ox-tail? (7)

14           European national never wearing slacks (9)

15           What sounds like story with quiet ending? (9)

17           Ronald, rising in pain, may be grunting (8)

18           Painter almost failed to embrace art? Not right (7)

20           Pudding upset, getting covered with hairs (7)

21           About to enter bet, mostly in a period of luck (6)

23           Playwright, Czechs’ leader, to imitate King (5)

24           Heads of Communist hierarchy employed knowledgeable agents – these? (5)

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