The European Crossword No. 91




1          Sort out programming of French listening device (5)

4          Extremely tense in diplomatic battle? This should cool things down (4,5)

9          English thinker’s variety of subtler slander is about right (8,7)

10        Activity, note well, put back in last part of small drawing (9)

11        Stags turning hungry finally like bulrushes (5)

12        English, having no speech difficulty, backing part of Greek language (7)

13        Fashionable supporter thanks Portuguese princess (7)

15        Britain drops exports initially to ex-Russian republic (7)

18        Variety of oceanic drug (7)

20        Italian physicist is in revolt again (5)

22        But it’s not a Swiss language (9)

24        “Regular events not on” – one of the people turned back man at frontier (7,8)

25        Left having a scheme to reject Socialist Finn? (9)

26        Very clever, but powerless to put into operation (5)


1          Upper-class in the red? It means a new start (5)

2          These sea-vessels prevent most of voyage of exploration (7)

3          US soldier imprisoning a rather rude Italian revolutionary (9)

4          In wrestling I cannot produce hold (7)

5          River temptress? There’ll be folktales about the Spanish one (7)

6          German waterway looks like a ghastly sewer! (5)

7          What produces restraint in that? (7)

8          About the bet on right one in athletic event (5,4)

12        It’s doubtful a clique can manœuvre to secure 50% of vote (9)

14        Find constituents? Find all constituents initially – Tories working (9)

16        Arrives to find high-class car for sale (5,2)

17        Old Conservative, the worse for wear, allowed to go (7)

18        You could get fir-cone from me (7)

19        I seem upset after object in list (7)

21        A native European city’s peculiar charm (5)

23        The French in dancing etc show a striking effect (5)

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