The European Crossword No. 91 solution




1          DEBUG; de bug

4          COLD WATER; t,e in Cold War

9          BERTRAND RUSSELL; R in anag.

10        THUMBNAIL; hum + NB (rev.) in tail

11        REEDY; deer y

12        EPSILON; E + no lisp (rev.)

13        INFANTA; in fan ta

15        UKRAINE; UK rain e

18        COCAINE; anag.

20        VOLTA; hidden

22        CANTONESE;

24        CUSTOMS OFFICIAL; customs off I + laic (rev.)

25        LAPLANDER; l a plan + red (rev.)

26        EXERT; ex(P)ert


1          DEBUT; U in debt

2          BARQUES; bar ques(t)

3          GARIBALDI; a ribald in GI

4          CONTAIN; anag.

5          LORELEI; El in lore I

6          WESER; anag.

7          THEREIN; the rein

8          RELAY RACE; re lay r ace

12        EQUIVOCAL; vo(te) in anag.

14        FACTORISE; f,a,c + anag.

16        ROLLS UP; Rolls up

17        EXCUSED; ex C used

18        CONIFER; anag. & lit.

19        ITEMISE; it + anag.

21        AROMA; a Roma

23        ECLAT; la in anag.


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