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The setter’s blog has become something of a feature on a number of solving blogs (which sounds a bit contradictory, I know).  A setter writes a few words about how a puzzle was put together, where the idea came from, and so on.  I’ve done a few myself (here’s one) and, now that I have some webpages to play with, I also have a place to put new ones, namely here.  I’ll wait for solution dates to pass, of course, but shortly thereafter I’ll put up a few comments on the puzzle.  In most cases, I won’t be able to supply you with the puzzle itself, due to copyright reasons.

Enigmatic Variations No. 1078: Before and After

Magpie, June 2013: After the Outing

Magpie, August 2013: Remote Control

Inquisitor 1295: Waiter

Enigmatic Variations No. 1085: Unreliable

Independent 8421

Inquisitor 1303: Persuasion

Independent 8458

Crossword Club, November 2013: SADYGOLOCITA

Inquisitor 1312: Shortfall

Enigmatic Variations No. 1105: Loss of Life

Inquisitor 1325: Stopping Service

Inquisitor 1339: The Man with a Gun

Enigmatic Variations No. 1129: Bang!

Inquisitor 1351: How to Spell CAT

Enigmatic Variations No. 1151: Contest

Inquisitor 1364: Find the Word

Listener 4324: Off We Go

Inqusitor 1375: Illusion

Inquisitor 1386: This House Believes

Enigmatic Variations No. 1175: Here’s Looking at You

Inquisitor 1401: Central Item

Magpie, September 2015: Fieldwork

Enigmatic Variations No. 1193: Misnomer

Inquisitor 1420: Coming Through

Enigmatic Variations No. 1212: Star Quality

Inquisitor 1428: Small-Coal

Inquisitor 1438: Something Fishy

Inquisitor 1450: Triptych

Enigmatic Variations No. 1239: What’s at Stake?

Magpie, August 2016: Supporting Roles

Listener 4423: A Bit Up in the Air

Enigmatic Variations No. 1253: Famous Last Words

Inquisitor 1465: Wattwhip

Inquisitor 1480: Bookshelf

Enigmatic Variations No. 1272: Fugue

Inquisitor 1491: Don’t Trust the Picture

Magpie, June 2017: Tunnels

Enigmatic Variations No. 1285: Outrageous Simile

Listener 4462: Squares

Inquisitor 1504: Small Amounts

Inquisitor 1521: The Hard Stuff

Enigmatic Variations No. 1313: Uncommon Happiness

Inquisitor 1534: Unsatisfying

Inquisitor 1547: Northern Lights and Enigmatic Variations No. 1335: Treasure Hunt

Inquisitor 1560: Phase Shift

Inquisitor 1567: The Magic of Opera

Enigmatic Variations No. 1357: Giving the Game Away

Magpie: November 2018: Perversity

Listener 4530: Gallery

Inquisitor 1587: A Growing Population

Magpie, March 2019: Snap?

Listener 4551: Optics (by Phibre)

Inquisitor 1595: Invalid Care

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